Grow Your Business with Amazon S3

A March 9 2010 report states that Amazon S3 had over 102 billion objects. I was searching on the Internet, trying to find the most recent report (Aug 2010). I didn’t find what I was looking for. However, I found reports on Amazon S3 data for different time spots from April 07 all the way to March 10, which will be good enough to see a trend and extrapolating to August 2010.
After I put the data in to Excel and plot it out.  A nice trend line shows. The red line is an exponential trend and the green line is a polynomial trend. From the trends, it is fair to say Amazon S3 now has over 130 billion objects and could be as high as 160 billion objects.
Congratulations to Amazon!

Who doesn’t want to see business grow in exponential terms?

For the cloud storage observers, what could be more convincing than seeing a trend line from Amazon S3 object counts?

If you are an SMB thinking about leveraging Amazon S3 for your growing storage need, it is time.
Gladinet offers a range of cloud storage access products and solutions to connect your storage with Amazon S3.

cafs137The most convenient way to connect to Amazon S3 is through a Cloud Gateway like the Gladinet CloudAFS (aka. Gladinet Cloud Gateway). IT admin installs it as a file server and use it as a file server. The CloudAFS will expose net shares for end users and it is backed by Amazon S3 as tier 2 storage.


If you need a turn key Amazon S3 backup solution, you can use Gladinet Cloud Backup, which allows you to create multiple snapshots for folders and files, even outlook files and SQL servers.

gcd137 If you just need quick and simple desktop access, Gladinet Cloud Desktop creates a network drive for you to map to your Amazon S3 accounts, with buckets and blobs and simple backup functionalities.

Grow your business with Amazon S3. Gladinet is here to help you access cloud storage easily from your desktop and file servers.


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