Gladinet Cloud Backup is Here!

Gladinet just released a new product – Gladinet Cloud Backup. As the name suggest, it does one thing – backing up to the cloud.

This is the 4th product/service from Gladinet.

The first one is Gladinet Cloud Desktop, which maps a network drive to the cloud storage services. It has some simple backup features but not as complete as the Gladinet Cloud Backup.

The second one is Gladinet CloudAFS – Cloud Attached File Server. It is a server product, if the Gladinet Cloud Desktop is a client product. It extends the file server with cloud storage. This allows traditional backup software to continue to interoperate with the cloud, using CloudAFS as a gateway.

The third one is an add-on service – Gladinet Cloud Space. It allows you to remotely access and manage your Gladinet Cloud Desktop and CloudAFS instances. It forms your personal cloud and allowing you to centrally access from

Now Gladinet Cloud Backup is here. The main focus is backup. It supports volume shadow copy so it can back up files-in-use and other applications that supports volume shadow copy, such as the SQL Server, Exchange Server and etc.

Even though these products are different, one common theme is shared across products. It is that they are all open platform to support any cloud storage services. Out of the box, it supports AT&T Synaptic Storage, Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Mezeo, Nirvanix, Peer1 CloudOne. Gladinet is also actively working with more partners to add their cloud storage offering to the open platform.

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