Amazon S3 Revenue Estimation

Amazon doesn’t break out the cloud service platform revenue in its quarterly reports. That leaves people wondering how big exactly is the Amazon cloud and how much money does it make?

There are some information that is publicly available, such as the number of objects in Amazon S3 storage. As reported in March 2010, S3 has more than 102 billion objects. Earlier in this article, we extrapolating the data to estimate that S3 could have between 130-160 billion objects now and could pass 200 billion at the end of the year.

On a clean Windows XP system, the average file size is 170K. On a clean Windows 2008 system, the average file size is 180K. If you are using the system and over time adds iTune music, virtual machine images, EC2 snapshots and so on, the average could grow to 750K.

For estimation, let’s say the average object size in S3 is 500 Kbytes and the average monthly object count is 130 Billion.

S3 Storage Revenue Estimation

500,000 * 130 = 65,000,000 GB * $0.30 = $20 Million/month * 12 = $ 240 Million/Year.

S3 revenue could be estimated as around $250Million for the year 2010.

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