Gladinet Cloud Space Explained

In the Gladinet Cloud Desktop 2.3 release, a new feature – Cloud Space was introduced. So what exactly is the Cloud Space.

Cloud Space is a browser portal ( that you can centrally access your files on your computers.

Cloud Space is a service that turns all your PCs into the smallest possible Personal Cloud, with a default browser access interface and a set of APIs.

It has a central access point - Once you login, you can access your files regardless of where your computer is.

It supports iPad too! Visiting your PC’s file such as PDF file, Word documents from your iPad sounds cool?


After you login, you can see your computers and check whether they are online or offline.


After you click on a computer, you will see the computer’s Gladinet Cloud Drive.

Now compare this user experience with the old Gladinet Cloud Desktop experience. Before, you can only access your Gladinet Cloud Drive when you were in front of the computer (that has the Gladinet Cloud Desktop). Now you can access the same computer’s Gladinet Cloud Desktop via a web browser, either from a second PC  or from an iPad.

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