Amazon S3 vs Google Storage, from EC2

As a continued research of Cloud Storage speed test, this time the test is moved to EC2.

From an EC2 instance, the Gladinet Cloud Desktop is installed. Both Amazon S3 and Google Storage for Developer are mounted as virtual directory in Windows Explorer. The same upload/download test is done to both storage to see how fast they can be.

The first thing to check out is the ISP speed test. We ran the application and it points out that the EC2 instance we are running is close to Ashburn, VA, with fantastic speed to the Internet.


We then mount Amazon S3 and Google Storage for Developer into Gladinet Cloud Desktop.


The next step is to prepare a 15M file and do upload/download to Amazon S3 and Google Storage for Developer in sequence.


  Upload (sec) Download (sec)
Amazon S3 9 28
Google Storage for Developer 12 22


Compared to the speed test we did yesterday, it is much faster to upload to S3 from EC2 (as expected? same data center transfer?). It is also faster to upload to GSD too.

However, the download speed is not as fast compared to yesterday’s test when the test was not from EC2 instance. Why there is no download improvement when there is 10x improvement in upload speed?

With 10x faster upload speed to cloud storage, it makes a lot of sense to move some applications to EC2. For example, if you need to do a lot of the music trans-coding, upload to EC2 and do the computing in EC2 before saving them to S3 makes a lot of sense, all because of the faster speed between EC2 and S3.


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