An Encrypted Network Drive to Amazon S3

In this article earlier, we talked about Amazon S3 usage is picking up exponentially. This is a very good indicator of how people like and trust Amazon S3 for their online storage.

This article will describe a practical method to access Amazon S3, securely from your local PC.

Gladinet has 3 products, Cloud Desktop, CloudAFS and Cloud Backup. The 3 products are all capable of encrypt file content before sending them off to Amazon S3. Today we will focus on the Gladinet Cloud Desktop. The User Interface is consistent through out the 3 products. Once you know one, you can use all of them.

In Gladinet Cloud Desktop, first you will need to mount Amazon S3 as a virtual folder.


After the mounting finished, the S3 folder appears.


If this is the first time you use S3, you will see empty folder instead.

Now open up Gladinet Management Console (Task Manager), open the virtual directory manager section and click on the Encrypted Folders.


Now click on the Add New Encrypted Folder icon. The encryption is setup by folder.


Now you can select the whole Amazon S3 folder as the encrypted folder.


If this is the first time you setup encryption, you will be prompted for a password. Don’t forget the password, because this is the only key to get your files back!


Now it is all set. You have an Amazon S3 virtual folder in your network drive. Any files move to this folder will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.

You can set it up per folder creates flexibility. Since S3 is capable of share a file as a public url. Another option is that you can have two folders under S3, one encrypted for yourself. one plain text so you can share with others.

Visit Gladinet’s Amazon S3 solution page for more information.


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