Google Storage on Your Desktop

Google has 3 different kind of storage.

  1. Google Storage as in the Google Picasa and Google Docs for a Gmail user.
  2. Google Storage as in the Google Apps.
  3. Google Storage for Developers as an Amazon S3 Competitor.

You can access all three from the convenience of your desktop. Since Google Storage for Developers (GSD) is relatively new. This article will focus on the GSD. Once you are familiar with one, the other two will follow similar steps.


First you will download and install Gladinet Cloud Desktop. Cloud Desktop means cloud storage on your desktop. It can map a network drive to cloud storage services and do mirror backup to them.

Next you will need to mount the Generic Google Storage for Developer


The Access Key and the Secret Key can be found from your Google Storage account page:


After that, you have your GSD mapped into Windows Explorer, as a virtual folder under Z: drive.


Now you can go ahead and map all three Google Storage in.

You can do drag and drop to transfer files between local and remote. You can do mirror backup from local to remote too. You can also copy and paste among all three of your cloud storage and do cloud-to-cloud transfer.

Visit Gladinet’s Google Storage Solution Page for more information.


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