Many Different Kind of Google Storage

First we know there is storage in Gmail. After we saw Google Docs, there is storage in Google Docs.

If you are a Google Apps User, you will say there are storage in the Google Apps Gmail and Google Docs too.

If you have attended the Google I/O event, you will say there is Google Storage for Developers too!

Basically there are 3 kinds of Google Storage.

1. Google Storage for Consumer

Pricing: Gmail (7~8G free) + 1G free (else where)  + $0.25/GB/Year for additional storage.
2. Google Storage for Google Apps
For Google Apps free/standard users, currently the storage is limited to 1G and can’t increase.

For Google Apps Premier users, it is possible later on to purchase additional storage with the following fee schedule:
Coming later this year, Google Apps Premier Edition and Google Apps Education Edition customers will be able to purchase additional storage for Google Docs and Gmail for $3.50/GB. At this price, you'll receive Premier Edition value-adds including a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 24/7 Phone support, and the use of the API and 3rd party applications to automatically upload and manage files on Google Docs.
- Google Apps Admin Help

Apparently with the 99.9% uptime guarantee,  Google Apps’ Storage is 14 times more expensive ($3.50=14x$0.25) than the consumer side.  The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the cause of the big price difference.

Google Apps’ pricing is actually in line with other cloud storage offering. For example, Amazon S3 is $1.8/GB/Year for storage and $1.2/GB for transfer in and $1.8/GB for transfer out. 

3. Google Storage for Developers
This is an Amazon S3-like, pure REST API based cloud storage.
Google Storage for Developers pricing is based on usage.
  • Storage—$0.17/gigabyte/month
  • Network

    • Upload data to Google

      • $0.10/gigabyte
    • Download data from Google

      • $0.15/gigabyte for Americas and EMEA
      • $0.30/gigabyte for Asia-Pacific
  • Requests

    • PUT, POST, LIST—$0.01 per 1,000 requests
    • GET, HEAD—$0.01 per 10,000 requests
- Google Code
Desktop Access/Sync/Backup to Google Storage
All these storage options will be more practical with a desktop access solution with drive mapping/sync/backup capability.

Gladinet supports all 3 kinds of Google Storage for Drive Mapping, Simple Sync and Daily Backup.


For more information, visit Gladinet website.
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