Offsite Backup to Windows Azure Storage

What are the most desired features for offsite backup to Windows Azure? Maybe Backup Exec with the ability to backup to Windows Azure Storage. For this purpose, you can use Gladinet CloudAFS as a CIFS gateway for Backup Exec. The combination is a high end solution.

What is the most basic feature for offsite backup to Windows Azure? Maybe an ad-hoc or scheduled drag and drop from local documents to Windows Azure storage for a second copy? For this purpose, you can use Gladinet Cloud Desktop as a desktop tool. This is an entry level solution.

Now we will talk about an offsite backup solution to Windows Azure storage that doesn’t require you to buy Backup Exec or do ad-hoc work. The solution will create full and incremental snapshots of local documents and save them to Windows Azure Storage. The solution can work with active documents through volume shadow copy services. The solution can work with SQL Server, Exchange Server and other system states. It is a turnkey offsite backup solution for Windows Azure Storage. It is a mid range solution that gets the backup/restore job done.

First install Gladinet Cloud Backup.



Next step, you will need to mount Windows Azure Blob Storage to the cloud backup service.


Enter your Windows Azure account information.


After this, you can backup to Windows Azure Blob Storage.


Set a daily schedule.


Pick Full/Incremental Schedule.


This is it. Click finish and you have created a backup task to Windows Azure Blob Storage. The cloud backup is a windows service. It will continue to run and do the backup work for you even if you are logged off and away from the computer.


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